We are continuously on the look out for qualified and motivated employees to enable our further development.

Entry opportunities

Depending on their qualifications and experience, we enable external applicants to start at fischer Consulting in various positions. Higher management positions are exclusively filled through in-house recruitment.

Project Manager/Senior Consultant

As a project manager, you will be responsible for national and international consultancy projects, from the initial fee proposal through to compliance with the project objectives. You will coordinate projects for the introduction of lean value-adding processes in a broad industrial environment. Your tasks will include the technical leadership of our clients' employees and teams as well as passing on knowledge using your expertise as a trainer, coach and moderator.


As a consultant you will work on national and international consultancy projects for the introduction of lean value-adding processes. Technical support for our clients, from the initial concept through to successful implementation of the lean principles in production, logistics and sales is based on your professional experience in industry, management consultancy or extensive knowledge of lean management.

Junior Consultant

Flexibility, team-focus and basic knowledge of lean management are the characteristics a junior consultant needs with us. Experienced consultants are to hand to assist you with more sophisticated, complex projects so that the consolidation of your know-how with that of the consultant leads to optimum results.

Student Trainee

As a student trainee, we enable you to acquire initial insights into the tasks of a management consultancy. Through your integration in our department and active support from our consultants, you will acquire an insight into internal and external consultancy projects.


A company's greatest capital is its qualified and motivated employees.



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