The fischer ProcessSystem


The principle of the streamlined or lean business avoids wastefulness and increases added value, states fischer's philosophy.
Therefore, since 2001, a strategy has been developed based on knowledge of Japanese Kaizen, with which processes can be optimised. From this, the fischer ProcessSystem, or fPS for short, has emerged.
We view our business processes as a whole, connected to each other by a regulating system.
We undertake to comply with the standards created in order to continuously improve the system – as well as each individual process – for the benefit of our clients and our company.

The objective is a lean and flexible company which avoids wastage and continuously increases added value.
The fischer ProcessSystem is not only viewed by us as being a "toolbox" for organising and optimising production, logistics and administration processes, but instead is understood to be and used as a management system, which assists us in achieving the corporate strategic objectives.

Selective employee development and qualification forms the basis of the fischer ProcessSystem.
Systematic problem solving is enabled and lastingly supported by an appropriate management culture.
Structured analysis of problems in the further development of business processes is considered by us to be an essential management task in order to achieve a highly flexible organisation focused on solving problems.