Philosophy and values


Our business activities are based on the following principles:


fischer Consulting GmbH consolidates the experience and knowledge of the successful fischer process system. We think comprehensively and assist our partners in organising the most lean and flexible processes possible to increase their competitiveness and to work without wastage.

Our values

The Group's values are - innovation, responsibility and reliability. From the view of collaboration with our clients, these values mean:


We think and act in the interests of continuous improvement, renew in all areas and develop new, customised solutions.


We are success-oriented, defined by our values, work quickly, flexibly and stand by the results of our actions.


We are respectful and self-critical, trustworthy and reliable. We respect our clients and their market and process conditions.

Our relationship with business partners

We act reliably and consistently, confidently and trustingly work with our business partners and involve them in our ideas and actions for continuous improvement of our mutual business success. We analyse and accompany our clients during the implementation phase. In this way we win over our business partners and create joint benefits.


fischer Consulting advises companies on the organisation of their processes.


Team of consultants

Our consultants have international operative experience in industry and management.

Team of consultants